UX / UI / Interactive Engineering

I write code for software and games. I create art.

I work full time as a Front-End Engineer. I love making interactive experiences people love to use.

Made with passion in Berkeley, California.

End to End development.

Building lasting, scalable, and flexible solutions.

Building creative, interactive, and cross platform content with a variety of tools. Creating immersive environments built for mobile devices. The ability to communicate a story and brand to the user seamlessly.
8+ years on the bleeding edge. Building high performance applications. Pushing todays browsers daily to new vistas. The ability to rapidly translate an idea into a product that millions use.
Highly proficient with backend and frontend technology. Creating code that will scale nicely with your infrastructure. The ability to create end to end solutions that is tailor made.

Creating Ethereal Experinces

With long lasting emotional impact on users.

Visuals / Projects